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Naturopathic Herbalist

I have studied herbalism for many years and have gained my master herbalist diploma along with my diploma of naturopathy, iridology, and Ayurveda medicine.

Nature provides the most natural processes for health, healing and happiness, as a herbalist I have formulated many remedies such as herbal teas and balms to assist people with many ailments.

Whilst I have spoken to many, women, men, and children about health-related issues the most common denominator is the need to keep the body in balance, using natural remedies and healing practices this can be accomplished quiet efficiently over time.

By looking at the person in a holistic way, and by taking into consideration the mind, body, and spirt a natural healer can address any underlying issues which may be presenting themselves as physical symptoms and illness.

My holistic consultation services involve -

  • Discovering you body constitution through the use of Ayurvedic practices
  • Listening closely to your concerns
  • The development of a tailor made treatment plan to address your individual needs.
  • Using iridology to map out the markings on your iris to determine areas of concern
  • Referral to other energy healing modalities as required, such as yoga, massage, and reiki.
  • Offering advice on lifestyle and nutritional choices that will promote healing on all levels
  • Preparation of herbal remedies such as teas, balms, capsules to assist with the healing process.
  • Referral to natural healing products for weight loss and internal health
  • Detoxification programmes for inner health and balance
  • Looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine in regard to the body clock and the balance of Chi throughout the body.
  • Using a holistic approach to address any emotional or spiritual issues which may be causing blockages with the body.
  • Ongoing follow-up consultations at regular intervals to readdress or adjust your treatment plans.

Clients have reported improvements in -

  • Sleep patterns (insomnia)
  • Pain management
  • Stress and anxiety levels
  • Skin conditions
  • Overall feelings of well being
  • Digestive tract issues
  • Menopause and menstruation problems
  • General women’s health
  • Children’s behavioural issues (ADHD)
  • Energy and vitality levels
  • Weigh loss and Gut Health

The first consultation is where we will explore every aspect of yourself, we will discover where your health issues lay and what would be the best way to address them, we will also look at how to restore a natural balance to the body which will ensure a continued feeling of health and well being.

Further consultations will ensure that the treatment plan is working for you as an individual and it will provide the opportunity to adjust or renew the strategies as required.

Days Available - Thursday to Saturday (Other days upon request)
Times - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Cost - $60 for a herbalist or Iridoligist Consult

If you would like to book in for a consultation with Willow please call 02 4052 8552

or you can book on online HERE