Hapé and Sananga Ceremony

We will be starting with Sananga eye drops which do burn quite a bit but is purifying your energy and your eyes immensely.

Afterwards we will be applying hapé which is a fine powder mixed with sacred plants and ashes which is blown gently up the nose on both sides.

What to expect:
Sananga eye drops - can be intense but short lived burning, crying and releasing emotions or negative spirits.

Hapé - bit burny going up the nose and may shock you the first time, you can expect purging especially for your first time whether that be lots of spitting, sneezing coughing or vomiting.

Whatever happens is what your body is meant to do to get rid of any toxins or bad energy.

This is an 18+ event and is tobacco free hapé

Time: 4:30pm (Allow for 1.5 hours)
Day: Every Saturday and Every Second Wednesday

Fee - $50

Call 4052 8552 to book in or find out more information


Our shamanic cleansing ceremonies are small intimate groups of 6 people, if you would like to join us for a ceremony at our spiritual healing center make sure you book in to reserve your place.