Psychic Development Workshop


We run psychic development workshops where like minded spiritual people can come together to learn how to develop their psychic abilities or to enhance their current psychic skills. Psychic development is essential in this modern world. We have lost touch with so much of ourselves and through opening the channels and trusting we can unlock parts deep within that we have lost. It's not about being a "psychic" but more about being able to see, hear and feel ALL that is around us. We miss so many hidden messages due to our busy lives that sometimes we never see the answers to our questions that are right in front of us.
Each month it will be on a different topic, some of the things you will be learning over the months -
  • How to understand your different psychic senses
  • How to to protect yourself energetically from negative energy, spirits and people
  • Using divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, tea leaf readings, runes, I ching coins, crystal scrying
  • How to communicate with your loved ones in spirit through Mediumship
  • How to create Crystal Grids and Crystal Elixirs and sooo much more
This practical, hands-on course offers a solid framework for your psychic development, in a positive and supportive and fun environment. It will also include a hands on exercise and sometimes a meditation. You will be provided with amazing knowledge and tools to assist you and others to heal and reach your full potential as spiritual beings. Our workshops are small intimate groups where you will have personal time with our teacher Rebecca, if you would like to book in and reserve your spot call 40528552.
Duration - 2 Hours
Price - $50.00
To Book In or Find Out More Information Call 4052 8552