Shamanic Sweat Lodge


Entering The Womb of Grandmother Earth

The Sweat Lodge is a sacred place where we are taken on a journey through an ancient ceremony used to purify the body, mind and to uplift the spirit. It is an ancient and pure medicine where we connect in with and honor great spirit and the elements of earth, fire, water and air.

We enter a small round structure, inside there is red hot rocks which are placed in a center pit and medicinal herbs are added. Water is poured on the rocks which produces a steam that purifies and heals. The steam and the structure of the Sweat Lodge represents the womb of our grandmother earth, the beginning of life.The heated stones represent her body which supports all life. The fire used to heat the rocks represented the light of the world, and the source of all life and power.

It provides a sacred space to go within, to expand and allows us to direct connection with the Great Spirit. Silence, prayer, chanting, animal medicine guides and the ancient sounds of the drum are used to support the journey. 

Our ceremonial leader Carmel opens the Sweat lodge ceremony with words of intention and songs, taking you around the dreaming wheel. Each participant is given the opportunity to offer personal prayers for self, others, in gratitude or for releasing anything that doesn't serve them. Carmel teaches the ancient ways that have been passed onto and taught to her from her teacher Running Fox, she has been respecting and honoring the ancient ways for many years now in her ceremonies.

A Sweat lodge typically lasts four rounds, to the four directions, represented with colors, spirit guides and different elements.The heat is built gradually until it reaches a certain peak. At the end of the Sweat lodge the participants leave the lodge in a respectful manner and sit with themselves in silence to take in the journey they just embarked on.

The ceremony day will include- 

  • Welcome circle 
  • Shamanic Sweatlodge
  • Swim In the water fall
  • Sharing circle where we hold space and listen to each other 
  • Nature Walking
  • Food (bring a plate of food to share)
  • Journaling and self reflection (bring a journal)
  • Closing circle

Meet The Facilitators 

Carmel Sonsalla

Women's Shamanic Earthsong Teacher, Ceremonial Leader and End-Of- Life Consultant

I will be one of your community hosts, I have over 29 years of qualified experience in the health field, and I am passionate about bringing people together in a natural healing environment. I have been initiated into authentic shamanic healing & ceremonies. Qualifications in BA mindful practices; MA integrated health completing my doctrine in shamanic cultural studies. Services I offer are end-of-life consultancy, red tent educator, soul healer, community gatherings, red tent circles, drum-making, shamanic earthsong healing for women, healing earth classes and environmental art therapy - a form of psychotherapy which specifically uses the process of creating art to help individuals express themselves, to overcome emotional challenges and develop self-awareness. 


Rebecca Clarke 

Psychic Medium Reader and Psychic Teacher, Plant Ceremony Facilitator, Sound Healer and Yoga Instructor

I will be Carmels assistant on the day to help guide you on your journey, I have over 15 years experience in the metaphysical field and I am passionate about helping people awaken to their full potential as a spiritual being. “Full spiritual integration in daily life” is my philosophy to spirituality and meditation practice. I currently offer private readings, plant medicine ceremonies, crystal chakra healings, psychic workshops, medicine drum songs, yoga classes and sound healing meditations. Spirituality and teaching is my passion. I believe I have been sent here in this life to guide, teach and help people on there spiritual journey.  

Cost - $70 per person
Dates - Every Month on A Sunday
23rd May / 23rd June / 28th July 2024
Arrival Time - 9am 
Finish Time - 3pm 
Bring - Swimmers & sarong, towel, walking shoes, thongs, drinking water and food to share
To book In please call 4052 8552, it is a very intimate event and we only have a select amount of people for each event