Psychic Development Level 5 Course


This ten week course is for anyone who has finished the work of level 1,2,3 and 4 psychic development course. Here in Psychic Development level 5 we really embrace our spiritual path as a psychic and medium. You learn more advanced psychic tools that can open your abilities to the next level and help you become a clearer channel with the spirit world. These courses helped you to transform into your true spiritual self and have given you the tools you needed to follow your true path.
This more advanced course helps nurture your growing psychic abilities in a relaxing and supportive environment. This is a powerful course for helping you to step into advanced psychic studies and covers all the steps you need to know. This course is training for the more advanced psychic and will help you lift your vibration so you can connect stronger with spirit. You will develop a strong foundation to continue your path and help yourself go to the next level of your spiritual development, each week we will take a journey together and open up new doors of knowledge.
This is more than just a "psychic circle", Mystic Hippie Gifts and Healing Psychic Development level 5 course teaches you how to channel and create your very own deck of tarot cards, we start to journey into the magical realms of magic, connect with out archetypes and so much more. As the course progresses we will also be doing deep inner work, releasing and moving from psychic skills into expanding our mediumship abilities.
Our caring and knowledgeable teachers make wonderful guides, helping you to discover which channels work best for you and how to better understand your psychic abilities. Classes include meditation, practical work and discussions. You will receive a course book which will cover theory and practices to ensure you get the most out of the course. You will also be invited to attend our advanced psychic circle so you can continue to practice your psychic skills with advanced students like you. 
Time: 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm
Fee: $450 Full Payment (Payment Plan Option - Paid through afterpay) and can also purchase a ticket 
Duration: 10 weeks
Limited places available, call 4052 8552 to book in or to find out more information.
 Date - To Be Advised