Vinyasa yoga encourages self-reflection and mindfulness. Our teacher Rebecca will guide you to become aware of each movement, breath and sensation, and every thought and feeling, to open up a window into who we really are and what we want in life.
This is how yoga becomes a practice of self-transformation and healing. Vinyasa yoga can have a dance-like quality as you move from one move to the next and you’ll walk out of the studio having had a full body workout but one that has worked to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles to create balance. At the end of the class we have a small meditation.
Soon we will run a Chakra Yoga class, in which the flow and movements performed will focus on nourishing a specific Chakra each week.
On Friday we learn about the eight limbs of yoga and do a vinyasa flow sequence that enables us to go deep within.
Every Friday at 5.30pm
Fee - $10 per Class
Book In HERE or Call 4052 8552 to find out more information


All our yoga classes are small intimate groups of 8 people and is more of a spiritual type of yoga, if you would like to join us for yoga at our spiritual healing center make sure you book in to reserve your place - Namaste.