Chakra Healing and Activation Workshop


Chakra Healing & Activation Workshop 

We get caught up in our mundane lives and forget to top up our sacred energy and to heal our mind, body and soul. This Chakra and colour Healing Workshop teaches you how tune into your chakras so you can heal and balance your energy centers. Our body and Soul is always communicating with us showing us how to heal.

In this mini course you will learn -

- What are chakras and how to heal them.
- How to use colours to heal, rejuvenate and cleanse.
- How to use crystals, essential oils and meditation for healing.
- How to use sound and mantras for opening and activating your chakras.
- How to use chakra and Colour Healing in your every day life.
- How to clear negative energy and ground yourself.

What a great way to learn how to clear negative energy and heal your mind, body and soul. There is 14 places available if you would like to reserve your place call is on 4052 8552.

Date - To be advised
Time - 10am to 3pm
Cost - $165