Full Moon Gatherings


The moon has a magical power that regulates nature and rules the tides. The more you know about the moon’s phases, the more you can harness its power and make it work for you. The full moon illuminates our lives and brings lots of emotional revelations and it's because of this special time, each month we gather like minded spiritual people together to connect and go on a spiritual journey. 

Each month we do a different program depending on the energy of the moon and what we get guided by spirit to do, here are some of the things our programs consist of - 
  • Cacao Ceremonies
  • Sound Healings
  • Meditation
  • Talks and discussions
  • Coaching
  • Breath Work 
  • Yoga
At the end of the program we have a a yummy vegan meal and sit around the fire to talk/connect with like minded people. What a lovely way to feed our soul with beautiful energy and healthy food.
Cost - Varies depending on the program we do
Duration - 2 and half hours
To Book In or Find Out More Information Call 4052 8552