Herbal and Natural Healing Workshops


On the last day of every month we will be running a magical and medicinal herb workshop where like minded spiritual people will come together to learn about these amazing herbs. Medicinal herbs have always been an essential part of our collective journey on earth. Learning and understanding how to use them safely and effectively while reconnecting us with nature and our true selves.

Some of the things you will be learning -

  • How to use the herbs for medicinal uses such as teas, balms etc
  • How to Create your very own spells using herbs & what the magical uses are 

You will be provided with amazing knowledge and tools to assist you and others to heal and reach your full potential as spiritual beings. Our workshops are small intimate groups where you will have personal time with our teacher Willow and is a great way to meet like minded people.

Limited places available, if you would like to book in and reserve your spot call our shop on 40528552

Cost - $50
Date - Last Saturday of every month
Time - 1.00pm to 3.00pm