Imbolic Sabbat Workshop and Ritual

In Gaelic Ireland, Imbolic is the festival which marks the beginning of spring, during which great feasts were held. Imbolic is a time of magical energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess of new beginnings and of fire. It's also a good time to focus on divination and increasing your own magical gifts and abilities. By August, most of us are tired of the cold season. Imbolic reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we only have a few more weeks of winter to go. The sun gets a little brighter, the earth gets a little warmer, and we know that life is stirring within the soil.
This holiday is sacred to the Celtic Fire Goddess Brigit, patron of smithcraft, healing, midwifery, and poetry. It is the festival of the Maiden, as this is her season to prepare for growth and renewal. Imbolic means in the belly of the Mother because that is where seeds are beginning to stir when it is Spring.
We will be doing a sacred ritual to honour and call in the energy of the goddess Brigit and set our intentions of what we want to manifest. No Pagan celebration is really complete without a meal to go along with it. For Imbolic we will celebrate with foods that honor the hearth and home, such as breads, grains, and vegetables stored from fall such as onions and potatoes, as well as dairy items.
Cost - $45
Start Time - 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Duration - 2 hour
Food - Bring a plate of food along to share
If you would like to join us and be apart of this amazing ritual book in below or call us on 40528552 to find out more.
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