Reiki Healings




Our master reiki healer Lorraine is a registered nurse and uses a ancient Japanese energy healing method to re balance your bodies energy flow by removing physical, mental & emotional blockages.

Symptoms of blocked energy may include stress, physical pain or disease which could be preventing you from living a healthy and happy life.

Lorraine tunes into your body intuitively and allows her spirit guides to assist her during your healing. Each healing is unique and different based on what her guides show her what your mind, body and spirit needs. 

Days Available - Tuesday and Wednesday (Other days upon request)

Times - 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm
Cost - $90 for 1 hour & $60 for 30 minutes

 If you would like to book in for a reiki healing with Lorraine please call 0240528552

or you can book on online HERE