Witchcraft Level 1 Course

This is a eight week course specifically designed for all those who are seeking guidance and clarification on their solitary path through witchcraft. Solitary witches in the modern sense of the word are nature based healers, who practice their craft alone, it can be a very lonely path. The purpose of this class is to provide those of you who are drawn to the ways of magic, a way to learn, communicate and share experiences with other like minded people.

Walking this path alone can be daunting at the best of times, here is an opportunity to gain an insight into the world of the solitary witch and become a part of a caring and nurturing environment that will encourage and instruct you in the natural ways of magic. We are all born with the ability to create our own magic through manifestation, not all of us heed this call and it can be difficult to find anyone who is willing to aid us on our journey.

You will Learn -
* A brief history of witchcraft
* What is witchcraft
* The rules of the craft
* The different categories of witches
* Your tools of the trade
* How to set up your sacred space
* What is personal power
* What is earth power
* Using the elements and their associations
* How to create your own spells
* How to work with and consecrate your tools
* Essential oils used in spellcasting and ritual
* Herbs and plants used in spellcasting and ritual
* What are sigils and how to use them
* Working with spirit
* How to protect yourself during ritual
* Casting a protective circle

This is a practical, hands on course which will include learning how to create your own magic through your own intuition and personal power. It provides a solid foundation on which to explore your own solitary path as a witch. This course is a must for any beginner witch who wants to learn more about the ways of magic and is unsure of where to begin.

You will learn how to tap into the powers of nature and the elements to increase the efficiency of your spells. You will also be offered a means to contact your teacher by email, so you will not be left on your own. Advise will be given freely to all students at any time even when the course has been completed.

Our teacher, Willow, has been a solitary practicing witch for over twenty years and has a wealth of knowledge. Limited places available, call 40528552 to reserve your place or find our more information.
Level 1 and 2 are run together (8 Week Course)
  • Cost - $360 (Afterpay Available)
  • Time - 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm 
  • Location - Our Shop Mystic Hippie Gifts and Healing (97 Church Street, Maitland NSW 2320)

If you would like to learn more or would like to book in for this course please call our shop on 0240528552

Once you have completed this course you can continue your studies with our level 3 witchcraft course.

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